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System Requirements:
Windows 98 or later with .Net Framework Version 1.1 or higher.
If the installer does not work or you don't use Windows XP download the Executable and the Sample Files instead.
SpringSharp 2.1 Installer
SpringSharp 2.1 Executable
SpringSharp 2.1 Sample Files
SpringSharp 2.1 Manual
Microsoft .NET Framework (Required to run SpringSharp)

Version 2.1 is minor upgrade to Version 2.0.1. It incorporates an update to the look and feel to VS 2005, a better calculation of the effects of a torpedo bulkhead, a limitation on negative data entry, a speed improvement especially when loading a ship after already having a ship loaded and a couple of bug fixes.

The VS 2005 look and feel is through a 3rd party extension, DotNetBar from DevComponents. This does require an extension file, DevComponents.DotNetBar.dll and an XML file, DevComponents.DotNetBar.xml. To use the program these two files should be in the same folder as the executable.

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