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What if the German, Japanese, Royal Navy and US super Battleships were built for WWII?

What if there was a 19th century Navy the equal of the Royal Navy?

What if there was no Washington or London Treaties after the Great War?

SpringSharp allows you to design "what-if" and "never built" warships between 1850 and 1950 using little more than the specifications in books like Janes Fighting Ships, Conway's All the World's Fighting Ships etc. It applies parametric formulas as used by professional Naval Architects (Mumford,  Parsons, Holtrop & Mennen etc) as well as empirical data based on research on ships (Liners & Warships) of the period to give a soundly grounded and scientific basis to your designs. SpringSharp produces a written report in far more detail than the above resources. These reports can be used on various internet based discussion groups.

Download SpringSharp 2.1 Current beta: SpringSharp 3.0b4

Latest Updates

29-Sep-21 - Third Beta Release
NEW SpringSharp 3.0b4 available and able to be used on Windows 10 or 11. Note high endurance vs high performance engine does not work yet.